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ILCSC Commendation from the County of Los Angeles

Commendation -
County of Los Angeles

Photo: Certificate from City of Los Angeles honoring ILCSC's 30th Anniversary

ILCSC 30th Anniversary
Honored by the
City of Los Angeles

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ILCSC will be having an open house on 11/14/2018 Please Join Us

Independent Living Center of Southern California, and the Board of Directors invites you to attend our upcoming Open House to celebrate 43 years of services, our ever-growing programs, and the recent upgrade of our Training House facility. Norma Jean Vescovo is stepping down and wishes to introduce our new Executive Director, Robert Jeromin. Please come meet our staff, Board of Directors, and Robert Jeromin.

Given your commitment to the community at large, we believe this would be an excellent event for you to learn firsthand how ILCSC works to promote high-quality opportunities for persons living with disabilities. This is also a splendid occasion to reach families and community partners who collaborate with ILCSC in striving to ensure equal opportunities for all.

We Look forward to seeing you on: November 14, 2018 3PM-7PM Training House 14151 Haynes St. Van Nuys, CA 91405 Refreshments will be provided

Sincerely, Dale Thalley, Board President

For more information call: 818.785.6934 or email

The Independent Living Center of Southern California (ILCSC) has a new Executive Director, Robert Jeromin.

Our former CEO, Norma Jean Vescovo, has retired but will stay on as a member of our Board of Directors, and will act as a Consultant for the agency.


The Independent Living Center of Southern California (ILCSC) ...

For over 43 Years, Providing Support and Resources for Independent Living.

Mission Statement: The ILCSC is dedicated to providing the services which will offer Persons with Disabilities, Youth, Older Adults, and Veterans the opportunity to seek an individual path towards independence - while educating the community.

A non-profit 501 (c) (3) consumer-based, non-residential agency providing a wide range of services to a growing population
of People with all types of Disabilities, Youth, Older Adults, and Veterans; including people of all ages with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Stroke, Cancer, Autism, Visual Impairments, Arthritis, Loss of Hearing, Mental Illness, and Physical Impairments.

The ILCSC was established in 1976, and serves a large geographic area: Glendale; Burbank; the San Fernando Valley; and Northern Los Angeles County, including Lancaster, Palmdale, and the Antelope Valley. Any Person with a Disability, Older Adult, or Veteran, who may benefit from ILCSC services or programs, is eligible regardless of type of disability, race, creed, nationality, age or ability to pay.

ILCSC services include Independent Living Skills Training, Job Placement/Coaching, California Community Transitions (CCT), Horticulture Program Classes, Vocational Training, Transportation, Emergency Services, Housing Assistance, Advocacy, Information & Referral, Peer Support, Assistive Technology, and Benefits Assistance.

ILCSC operations are highly dependent upon community support and individual benefactors. Corporate and Foundation contributions, Grants/Contracts, as well as year-round in-kind Donations and Volunteer services, are gratefully received.

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In 1976 a dream was realized...Persons with Disabilities, Older Adults, and Veterans gained the opportunity to work towards independence in life, through the assistance of a new "grass roots" agency...

The Independent Living Center of Southern California

Black and White Photo: Founding ILCSC Board Members - 1976, Darrell McDaniel (deceased); Lou Nau (deceased); and Bob CampbellBlack and White Photo: 1976 ILCSC Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Top: Founding ILCSC Board Members - (left to right) Darrell McDaniel; Lou Nau; and Bob Campbell

Bottom: 1976 ILCSC Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - (left to right) Ed Roberts, Past Director California State Department of Rehabilitation; Ernani Bernardi, Los Angeles City Councilmember; Darrell McDaniel, ILCSC Co-Founder, Internal Revenue Service Counselor.

Photo: Norma Jean Vescovo

Norma Jean Vescovo, former ILCSC CEO, had been working for ten years prior to improve the school systems, organizations, and special education schools for persons with disabilities, and was one of the founders of the Independent Living Center of Southern California...More about Norma



A client with a Traumatic Brain Injury, with the assistance of his ILCSC Case Manager, obtained a position at Sears as an Electronic Associate...just a few years after experiencing his accident. He was very excited about working again and interacting with the public as a professional. This opportunity helped him assess his capabilities, and to put into perspective his goals and support in determining suitable employment in the future.

ILCSC clients write:

"I gained many new skills to help me live independently. I am now working and have a very full life." N.E.

"I have learned how to do resumes, thank you letters, how to prepare for job interviews, and job readiness. How to be independent." J.B.

"I am more ready for the workforce, more than I ever have been. I have gained a lot of confidence about me." A.K.

You may donate by clicking on the Pay Pal button above, or by sending a check to (made payable to "ILCSC"):

ILCSC, 14407 Gilmore Street, Suite 101, Van Nuys, CA 91401.

The ILCSC is a 501 (c)(3) organization. Your donations are tax deductible, as allowed by law.


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